This causes a confrontation between them princesses

This causes a confrontation between them princesses

Oshtor stages in to end people futher humiliation upon Anju, when he face the lady, the fresh pincess observes Oshtor wielding The brand new metal enthusiast and inquire him in which the guy got it, he reacts so it belonged to help you dropped pal the guy attempted to include, publish him beyond your hallway in a single strike. The fresh new princess phone calls him unworthy to guard some thing since the she influences him a few times with her unnatural fuel. Due to the fact little princess involved in order to bump him off, but the Akuruka repels this lady. He stacks up and you can reminds this lady you to definitely Anju is certainly one she’s assaulting. The little princess thinks the lady often are damaged and you will the woman is rarely to face.

Oshtor encourages Anju which means that metions you to definitely Haku do laught at this lady in the event that however look at their disease. While the Anju rises once again, Oshtor are hit because of the foreign princess, angered at the your because of the mentioning “Haku”. Oshtor reminds their that he is not her adversary, the newest little princess turns doing and you will observes Anju condition the girl surface up against the fresh overseas princess. As race progresses, Oshtor mistakenly states the words of one’s son the guy familiar with become slip regarding his lips. This surprises this new little princess (with the knowledge that Haku try alive now masquerading Oshtor) leading to her to allow the woman shield off, Anju takes the main benefit inspite of the princess abnormal you’ll. Anju struggle this new international princess, today uniformly complimentary the woman when it comes to stamina. Suddenly an enormous sword fell regarding the heavens (off Karulau) looking at the floor. Anju wields they leaving people to astonished now both princesses clash that have rivaled you will till Anju with all of the woman might, places a blow into the little princess one to slashes new wall surface at the rear of. Even when the overseas princess blocked it as she already attained the lady restriction. Oshtor closes brand new assaulting meaning that the princess out-of Tuskur takes the woman exit however, says to her or him that they’re going to return when the this new tides from combat turns against him or her.

Kuon’s Get back [ ]

After the meeting, Kuon reappears as time passes, Atuy, Rulutieh, Nosuri, Ougi, Nekone, Kiwru, Jachdwalt and you can Shinonon greeting the lady, grateful to see the girl again.

Due to the fact get together over time, the both come to chat because reunion turns out awkward to help you both of them. Instantly the fresh new twins are available, to Kuon shocks she inquire him as to the reasons he or she is offering him today. Even while both twins states it was Haku’s last demand so you can suffice him, she arrives doubtful.

Clueless that the little princess off Tuskuru found their secret identity

Next Kuon suits with Nekone. Oshtor arrives and lets her to help you their workplace, once again their talk is actually providing embarrassing because the twins ready yourself tea, Kuon requires throughout the their wounds acquired because of the little princess of Tuskur (not revealing by herself being out of royalty) and you can claims you to she “heard” reports regarding it, she become alleviated with the knowledge that a lot of their wounds was cured basically some time she apologies about this. She and says one to she sorry on forget them back then, she pledges you to she won’t get it done once more. While they

the miracles of water teas and just have eating Kuon arrived at feed him She suits Oshtor at their office in which their talk arrive at become shameful once whenever she glaces in the him and you may states Haku. Instantly, Nosuri comes in and start a drinking race. Afterwards one to evening Kuon tries to go into Oshtor’s Place of work, however the twin priestesses don’t let their admission, they share with this lady one she odors once the she has odor out of vixen (once a shower) so the twin would not allow her to pass because the she you are going to “tease him”.

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