How Do I Update Drivers on My Windows PC?

All you have to do is click Next and it will give you the main menu that will allow you to select what features you want for your GPU driver. The only thing we would recommend you select is PhysX if you like to play older games that rely on it for in-game physics. If you play only modern games just keep the installation only to the Display Driver. This will ensure that no telemetry or backend processes make it into your install. If you have a new graphics card, you might be wondering why the resolution is so messed up. The last step in this process is the installation of proper drivers.

Booting to Recovery from any version of macOS, or Safe Boot, and no issues, perhaps because Metal GPU drivers aren’t loading. If New hardware is founddialog box appears when Windows starts, please refer to information following Steps 2How to update drivers. Nvidia is constantly upgrading its graphics cards to support new technologies, improve your computer’s performance, and make it faster. If you uninstall the driver and clean all the registries, but the issue persists, you may need to use other programs to remove the entire software with all its components. This error usually occurs when the Timeout Detection and Recovery feature in Windows detects that the graphics card did not respond within the allowed time.

The OS can automatically install a driver if it detects any missing drivers. To check if the drivers any drivers are missing, follow these steps. An outdated driver will have a lot of issues with the device.

If that doesn’t work, repeat the same steps but this time select Properties in the right-click menu. Under the Driver tab, select Uninstall Device option to remove drivers. Windows includes an easy method to restart your graphics drivers on demand as needed.

Change the visual effects

And does it unload the faulty GPU from the amdgpu kernel? Because when I try to quit the program with the crashed GPU it’s not possible to do so and I have to hard-reset the machine, not even a reboot works. I’ve had an incorrect driver cause massive system instability before, old integrated crossfire graphics meets adrenaline drivers and chaos ensued…

  • You’ll then see the driver information which will tell you your version and will let you know if you need to update your driver.
  • You may press the F10 key twice to begin the BIOS setup on your device.
  • Therefore, in this case, you must download the driver and install it manually from the command line.

They even provide graphic drivers to support their graphics card. Nvidia designs the graphics processing units or GPUs for the gaming and professional markets. Its primary GPU line, called “GeForce” is one of the top and best graphics cards available in the market. Custom Resolution Utility is a free portable tool that allows custom resolutions to be defined for both AMD/ATI and NVIDIA GPUs.

Graphics Card Driver Keeps Making PC Restart

Do this by launching the executable, and while installing, select Custom and select Perform a clean installation. This will further wipe previous installations and then install the latest working version. That is, if your old GPU is AMD, while the new GPU is Nvidia , you will want to fully uninstall all older drivers prior to installing the new graphics card. If this is not completed successfully, conflicts may arise that can put your GPU’s performance in jeopardy.


You can do this either manually or using the GeForce Experience app. Many GPU companies have software that keeps the drivers updated and alerts you of any issues with the card. This article explains how to install a new graphics card in a desktop PC. It’s also possible to upgrade the graphics card in a laptop but the process is a bit different. It’s also worth checking your power supply to make sure it can handle a dedicated GPU (if you don’t already have one installed) or a more powerful upgrade. You’ll generally want a 500W certified PSU from a reputable brand, though a 600W+ model would better suit overclocked configurations.

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