Fashion Pieces That Won’t Go Out of Style

Fashion Pieces That Won’t Go Out of Style

1. The tuxedo jacket

Ever since designer Yves Saint Laurent introduced Le Smoking in 1966, the tuxedo-style jacket has become a style.  This kind of dress can be worn alone, can be paired with statement jewelry and stilettos, or with skinny pants for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

2. The animal print

 Animal print is a constant classic with an appropriate edge. The natural patterning of everything from zebra, leopard, and cheetah to ocelot, giraffe, and snakeskin has something of an earthy, seductive magnetism that never goes out of style. Despite its more exotic nature, animal print really ends up acting as a neutral with the shades of brown, beige, and black. 

3. The wrap dress

You have a wrap dress in your wardrobe and, you have also Diane von Furstenberg to thank her for that. This designer changed the dress landscape forever when she introduced her famous frock in the ’70s. Since then from now, it has taken on countless variations from an equally countless number of designers and brands. It’s an investment piece worth having and keeping the wrap will always be on!

4. The cashmere sweater

The luxe nature of a good cashmere sweater is always in style. The hair of the Kashmir goat is incredibly soft yet also lightweight and versatile, making it the perfect fit. A cashmere sweater is such a classic, sweaters in solid, neutral colors and designed in simple shapes, without any buttons, bells, or whistles.

The Wayfarer sunglasses

One of the most recognizable sunglasses styles, the original Ray-Ban Wayfarers debuted in 1952 and have had it made in the shade ever since The iconic frame shape always makes a statement that’s retro yet modern at the same time. The sunglasses really pair well with anything and can go from sleek to sporty in a flash. The black frames are the most traditional.

The trench coat

The right topper is essential to your sartorial game, and it doesn’t get more classic (or versatile) than a trench coat. The epitome of form and function, the coat elevates an ensemble with its tailored appeal while keeping you warm and shielded from any raindrops. It also has a distinct European elegance thanks to British powerhouse brand Burberry and their iconic trench coat, which really has set the standard for the style. The trick to the trench is to ensure that you select a modern, streamlined silhouette that’s well-fitted to your shape. The shape of the trench itself will still keep a trendier textile plenty timeless.

Perfect-fitting jeans

A good pair of jeans can be like a second skin. They can practically go anywhere with you as they cling to every curve or casually drape over your bottom half with effortless ease. Not all jeans are created equally.

Black leather jacket

There is something about the black leather jacket that really never gets old. Just don’t go too overboard on the jacket’s bells and whistles, a few zippers, and an asymmetrical silhouette are fine. Buckles, bling, and fringe may push it over the edge.

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